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About We Fix Space Junk

This final job was supposed to pay off all of her debts, but Kilner’s last delivery contained more than she bargained for.

When Kilner accepted the job of smuggling escapee Samantha Trapp across the galaxy, she expected the job to be over and done with quickly. But now they’re stuck with each other, and they have a job to do…

We Fix Space Junk is a story about debt, space repairs and friendship. The two protagonists, Kilner and Samantha, are, like most people, in over their heads in debt. In hock to Automnicon, student loan company-turned-intergalactic-megacorporation, their main aim in life is to survive long enough to reach the next job.

The series launched in 2018 and will be launching its third full season in August 2020. To date there have been 39 We Fix Space Junk episodes publicly released, made up of two eight-episode full seasons, two eight-episode mini-seasons (Marilyn’s Diary and MicroBytes) and seven special episodes.

We Fix Space Junk is written by Beth Crane and produced by Hedley Knights.


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We Fix Space Junk in the media

15 Great Science Fiction Podcasts (DiscoverPods)

“The tone is somewhere between The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Firefly, mixing the absurd and hilarious with the raw and moving. It’s a sci-fi comedy that aims to do more while never losing its hilarious, strange edge.”

We Fix Space Junk: Podcast Review (Vurbl)

“The show is absolutely hilarious at every turn and brilliantly written. We could all use a good laugh right now, and this podcast will provide.”

We Fix Space Junk review (Podern Times)

“We Fix Space Junk has the whole package, from a great logo and catchy sound effects and theme music, to impressive acting, and a great storyline that gives listeners an unpredictable episode every two weeks.”

10 Thrilling Audio Dramas to Transport You to Other Planes of Existence (Gizmodo)

“Not all audio dramas have to be serious! We Fix Space Junk tells the story of Kilner, a smuggler, and Samantha, a fugitive, as they travel the cosmos doing odd jobs for cash and avoiding the intergalactic law however they can.”

We Fix Space Junk Off-Air

In addition to the podcast, We Fix Space Junk has expanded its reach to a wider, multi-media audience.

Automnicon: The Intern A We Fix Space Junk Novella

All Astatine has ever wanted is to work for Automnicon. It’s cost her countless friendships and relationships but still, she’s persevered. And now, years after her first application, she has her chance to join them: she’s finally been offered an internship. But can she prove herself to her new boss and to Automnicon? Or will she fall at the first hurdle?

We Fix Space Junk: The Colouring Book

With images drawn by Beth Crane, the We Fix Space Junk colouring book was originally produced for our patrons but has also been released on Amazon.

Small Jobs for Unimportant People: a We Fix Space Junk Three-Page RPG

Produced during 2020’s lockdown, Small Jobs for Unimportant People allows players into the world of We Fix Space Junk – with a job to do…

The We Fix Space Junk Board Game

Currently in the middle design stage after a rigorous playtesting period, the We Fix Space Junk Board Game is a race against time, other players and the will and whims of Automnicon.

We Fix Space Junk: The Book

Beth is currently working on an adaptation of the series, a la Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Cast and Crew


The voice of Kilner, Beth is also the scriptwriter for We Fix Space Junk. A bit of a jack-of-all-trades, she is also responsible for the dialogue editing and the show graphics.


The voice of Jault, Hedley is the creator of We Fix Space Junk’s unique sound. He’s the sound engineer, recordist, editor, producer and composer, and has won awards for his work on the show.


Rebecca plays Samantha Trapp, the other main character of We Fix Space Junk. She studied with Beth at UEA.

Jack Carmichael

The voice of DAX, Jack studied at the University of East Anglia.

James Carney

James Carney plays both Computer and Haroldson, as well as a whole host of other roles! He also writes and works on Unseen Hour.

Francesca mintowt-czyz

The voice of Marilyn, Francesca is a Theatre Instructor at Western Nebraska Community College.

Vicki Baron

Vicki is the voice of Ms Lamb.


Alan Burgon, Annie Price, Ben Meredith, Beth Eyre, Brice Stratford, Chris Montague, Chris Sugden, David Ault, David Devereaux, David Eagle, Ella Watts, Emily Stride, Evan Gulock, Felix Trench, Graeme Knights, Graham Rowat, James Bradshaw, James Oliva, Jen Sugden, Jordan Cobb, Julia Schifini, Karim Kronfli, Katrina Allen, Kristen DiMercurio, Krystal Rose, Laura Girling, Layla Katib, Liz Campbell, Luke Booys, Mama BangBang, Michael Rigg, Molly Pipe, Nathan Blades, Nazli Sarpkaya, Niko Gerentes, Olivia Egbunike, Robin Ince, Rosie Alys, Sarah Golding, Sarah Grant, Sarah Rhea Werner, Sean Howard, Tom Crowley, William Arthur, Zachary Fortais-Gomme

We Fix Space Junk Listener Reviews

A thrilling adventure in the spirit of Douglas Adams

Not only is the sound design out of this world (pun intended), the writing and acting is absolutely supurb. If you love sci fi adventure comedies and/or audio dramas like Wolf 359 and Starship Iris, you will love this.


Bite Size Fun Episodes

Very well acted, exceptionally good production & snappy stories. Scripted audio podcasting is a rare thing to get right but they have smashed it.



Where do I start? Production values…Check Acting…Check An actual story… Check Humour…Check Check Listenability… (Is there a level above ‘check’?) References to all sorts of sci-fi culture…Flipping loads Subscription button pressed?…Check!


Love this show

Drawing from the wealth and history of British science fiction, Beth Crane imagines a wholly strange and ever expanding universe filled with seemingly irreparable space junk. Also, Hedley Knights does wonders on the sound design.


On Fire Out Of The Gate!

I have heard a trailer and one episode and I already adore it! So excited to hear more!


Engaging and funny sci-fi

One of the finer science-fiction audio drama offerings. Beth Crane has created a funny and inventive concept for her audio drama. Characters are sharp and complex and the stories themselves are always engaging. Also enjoying the recent mini-episodes.


Great balance of plot and humor

WFSJ does a great job of building a world rich with humor as well as high stakes. It also manages to drop in some sincerity and reflectiveness without being heavy-handed about it. A top-notch scifi comedy!


Not my typical podcast!

I dont generally enjoy story format podcasts but this one is awesome! From the relatable female centered jokes to the Sci fi influence and tied together with amazing accents this is a show to watch!



This is a really impressive show, well performed and produced, with a compelling storyline and intriguing characters. Shades of both Blakes 7 and Red Dwarf here, but with its own unique spin. This is a must listen.


w e o w n y o u

a healthy balance of character and plot, dialogue and sound design, growth and set-up; We Fix Space Junk cements its first season as a future staple of audio drama. of course, like any first season, it is more compressed potential than at the height of what it could be, but that only makes me excited to see what the team has in store for the season(s) to come! the ensemble of primary characters is slowly growing while still remaining navigatable, and the slices-of-life on each new world are surprisingly vivid for episodes that only come in at around 15-17 minutes each. eyes (and ears) peeled for season 2!


Stellar in every sense of the word!

I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. As soon as I listened to episode one, I was hooked and binged the whole season. The production quality is top-notch, the pacing is zippy, the voice acting is phenomenal, the characters are charming, and the plot is captivating and full of twists and turns. I love how We Fix Space Junk balances episodic, anthology-like storytelling with its overarching narrative. It’s like Doctor Who meets The Hitchhiker’s Guide: equal parts rollicking, funny, and contemplative. I could go on, but I’ll stop here to say: subscribe now! You’ll be so glad you did.


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