Automnicon: The Intern

Automnicon: The Intern is our first novella! Set in the offices of Automnicon, The Intern follows the adventures of Astatine.

All Astatine has ever wanted is to work for Automnicon. It’s cost her countless friendships and relationships but still, she’s persevered. And now, years after her first application, she has her chance to join them: she’s finally been offered an internship. But can she prove herself to her new boss and to Automnicon? Or will she fall at the first hurdle?

A book set in the world of the We Fix Space Junk podcast, Automnicon: The Intern is the first in the Automnicon series, stepping away from the main story and exploring the lives of the characters on the fringes of the podcast.

Automnicon: The Intern was written thanks to support from our patreon and released to celebrate the anniversary of the release of episode one.

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