The Fable and Folly Network

Battle Bird Productions is now a member of the Fable and Folly network alongside the following amazing shows…

The Axe and Crown

A Pratchett‐esque comedy about beer, bowling, and bad decisions. Gubbin the troll tavernkeeper deals with his clueless new landlord, his shady niece, and some new competition.


An improvised dark-comedy sci-fi podcast guaranteed to leave you chuckling and deeply invested in this less-than-capable crew.

Harlem Queen

A drama about gangsters in Harlem during the 1920s.

Dumbgeons & Dragons

A comedic, fantasy actual play podcast about saving the world.

The Amelia Project

A dark comedy about an agency that specialises in faking its clients’ deaths, then letting them reappear with a brand new identity!

Moonbase Theta, Out

A gripping, emotional sci-fi audio drama about the shutdown of the last Moonbase, the crew left on board, and what remains.

Monkey Man Productions

The End of Time and Other Bothers

A human, a fairy and a half‐demon are thrown back in time to save the universe in an improvised fantasy roleplaying game.

The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles

Comedy fiction podcast that follows the adventures of a wanna-be actress as she navigates the treacherous waters of Hollywood in her quest to become the Next Big Thing.


Balancing tension and humor, this sci-fi audio drama reinvents the radio play for the twenty-first century.

Death by Dying

Mystery and misfortune lurk behind every corner in this absurdist dark comedy fiction podcast about an obituary writer who investigates delightfully grim deaths in the small town of Crestfall, Idaho.

Alba Salix, Royal Physician

A witch, her apprentice, and her fairy herbalist treat the ills of a fairy‐tale kingdom. An award-winning fairy-tale comedy for the ear.

Greater Boston

A speculative fiction podcast about an alternate-reality version of Boston featuring collisions between fact and fiction, comedy and drama, and a subway system that’s been converted into its own city.

What’s The Frequency?

A lone distorted voice reaching out for help. Will anyone be able to stop the madness from spreading?

Facing Fate

An improvised actual play audio fiction podcast, exploring multiple genres.