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Hembra is currently on hiatus! It will be returning later this year!

Hembra Writers Podcast, by Battle Bird Productions, is a podcast showcasing new writing by female and non-binary writers. Created by Beth Crane, writer of We Fix Space Junk, the purpose of Hembra is to get more female and non-binary writers’ voices into the podcasting sphere.

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A quick update on Hembra:

So I’ve had some issues curating Hembra (as many people might know) that have lead to a long hiatus. In addition to having problems fitting it in with Space Junk and my day job, I’ve also been a bit emotionally overwhelmed by some of the submissions I’ve received.

As a person who has a couple of long-term mental health issues, I have decided that there are some writing elements that I would like to avoid going forwards. This doesn’t mean I want to rule them out as topics, but that I would like writers to be sensitive in the way they handle them.

Hembra Writing Podcast will not be accepting media containing graphic descriptions of rape, sexual assault, torture, murder, domestic violence, self-harm, animal abuse or suicide. I understand that graphic descriptions are often a part of people’s writing styles, but I would like to keep Hembra as a relatively safe space for myself as well as for listeners. Thank you for your understanding!

I will also be curating along themes, going forward: the calendar is available on this page. If you haven’t got anything on the upcoming topics, take them as writing prompts!