Marilyn’s Diary: A We Fix Space Junk Mini-Series. Episode One.

Listen to Marilyn’s Diary Episode One

Read the transcript here: Marilyn’s Diary EP 01

Episode one, in which Marilyn gets to grip with her new life…

In Episode 7 of We Fix Space Junk we met Marilyn. She’s half Gontanan (giant wasp) quarter Human (via her reluctant father, Jault) a quarter Cow… (From the steak they were implanted in. Suffice to say, Marilyn is confused. About who she is, what she is, the universe she was ‘born’ into and her place in it!

A We Fix Space Junk Mini-Series

Written by Beth Crane

Produced by Hedley Knights


Francesca Mintowt-Czyz

James Carney (of the fantastic Unseen Hour)

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