We Fix Space Junk

This final job was supposed to pay off all of her debts, but Kilner’s last delivery contained more than she bargained for.

When Kilner accepted the job of smuggling escapee Samantha Trapp across the galaxy, she expected the job to be over and done with quickly. But now they’re stuck with each other, and they have a job to do…

Following in the footsteps of Harry Harrison, Brian Aldiss and Douglas Adams, We Fix Space Junk is a sci-fi comedy podcast from Battle Bird Productions, written by Beth Crane (Upholstery, Ronnie and the Other World) and produced by Hedley Knights (The People’s Rock). It tells the tale of two female repairmen as they tackle jobs across the galaxy while fighting against the company that put them there.

We Fix Space Junk is written by Beth Crane and produced by Hedley Knights, and stars Beth Crane, Rebecca Evans, Jack Carmichael, Hedley Knights and several guest voices.