Special Episodes

One of our Patreon Stretch Goals was making special episodes three times a year. Available to all of our patrons, we’ve also decided to make them available to anyone who wants to donate to us!

Anyone who becomes a patron or donates £1 or more on Ko-Fi or Paypal will be emailed with download instructions for our most recent seasonal special! If you’d prefer we send you links to a different episode, please use Paypal rather than Ko-Fi and drop us an email!

We do this for free because we love it and because we love all of you, but it’s been a lot of work making four seasons, and we’re working on the fifth as we speak! The response we’ve had so far has been amazing. If you fancy buying an episode, we’d love you to, but you aren’t missing anything plot-crucial if you don’t!

Please note that Patrons can instantly download, Ko-Fi givers will get instant instructions but with Paypal we will have to manually email you so it’ll take a little longer!

Escape Gennero’s: a we fix space junk special episode

(set during the events of Season Two)

Kilner and Samantha thought they’d struck gold when they found an abandoned ship floating in dead space. But things aren’t quite as they seem…


(set during the events of Season Two)

A shipment of New and Exclusive Eastertronic Eggs is under attack! Who will save them? And what exactly is this all about?

This Easter special is a one-shot, set at some point during Season Two. It has nothing really to do with the plot, but it’s a bit of Easter fun!

The Spirit of Brucemas: A We Fix Space Junk Special Episode

(set during the events of Season One)

Brucemas comes but once a year, and most repairmen don’t get the chance to experience it as they are in deep cryo. But this year, Kilner is awake and determined to celebrate Brucemas, no matter what Automnicon might throw in her way…

Our Christmas special is a one-shot. It’s set at an indeterminate time near the end of season one and doesn’t have any bearing on the overall plot.